Eye Tracking in Therapy

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1. Download demo version (click!)
2. Install game.
3. Write on info@ariadnastudio.pl order for the activation code.
4. Restart game and enter the activation code.

  • we give invoices
  • we send the activation code after we receive the payment
  • you can pay with PayPal
  • the official price for the whole program is 299€

KINKA – a collection of 20 games designed for eye trackers and optimized to improve communication skills for the physically and mentally disadvantaged as well as those on the autism spectrum or with conditions such as cerebral palsy or Rett syndrome. KINKA is user-friendly and intuitive. Thanks to that it develops visual skills, provides its users with a sense of control and agency – and is fun!

If the child finds it challenging to hold eye contact or is permanently immobilized, the games can prove to be great help in therapy. For children who cannot fully control their hands and arms, the ability to play games is priceless. Not only does it develop a sense of agency and control but also it helps getting to know your environment, discerning objects, holding gaze as well as moving this gaze in a given direction.

Eye Tracking Devices

KINKA is optimized for many eye-trackers

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini

Tobii Dynavox I-Series+

Tobii EyeX
MSI Eye Tracking Latops,
Alienware Eye Tracking Laptops,
Acer Eye Tracking Monitors,
Steel Series SENTRY Gaming Eye Tracker

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

myGaze Eye Tracker