There are many features making game more accessible and more useful for therapists and families!

▷ 3-5 difficulty levels in each game

That gives you a possibility to change enemy objects number, speed or scale; change your car speed or change time needed to activate a bomb or an egg. In general, difficulty levels bring a big diversity to games.

▷ possibility to change a background colour

You can choose original, colourful background or select between five uni-coloured backgrounds.

▷ cursor selection

You can choose presence of a crosshair, circle or a red dot which will indicate the point at which the child is currently looking at.

▷ optional music and sounds

You can set a volume level of music and sounds or turn them off completely.

access through many devices

You can operate the entire interface (main menu and settings) using sight, but also a computer mouse or touch. It is enough if you have the eyetracker and you do not need anything else to play KINKA

▷ personal profile for everyone

You can create a profile for every person who is using the eyetracker. Game settings and playing records are saved within a profile. If you do not want to create a new profile you can use a guest profile.

▷ access to all records

You can view all results, points and playing time in a special report section. Each record is assigned to the profile. It gives you a possibility to analyze your child’s behaviors and progress. You can also leave a note, just in case if you need to write down something important.

▷ many language versions

You can choose between following languages: english, german, french, spanish, italian, swedish, portuguese, hungarian, polish, czech, korean, japanese and hebrew. But the game interface is so easy to use that not-knowing a language is not excluding. Every game has its own icon and picture so it is easy for children to quickly find a favourite game.